Johnsen Hafsaas

I am a sport climber from Oslo, Norway. My main focus is competition climbing and I try my best to combine that path with rock climbing around the world.

It is not always easy as the competition season is hectic and requires a lot of preparation, but the combination makes me happy and I climb at my best when I am happy.


born: 1994
climbing since: 2006
works: Full time climbing athlete
like: cooking, in climbing crimpy shoulder moves
don’t like:  bad vibes, if climbing: my knees don’t like heelhooks
like sometimes: running, if climbing: slopers
grown up: Oslo, Norway
favourite rope route: Doorkeeper in Flatanger/Femme Blanche in Ceuse
favourite boulder: Barefoot on sacred ground in Hueco Tanks/Molunk in Brione

Climbing Goals 2020:
For 2020 my plan is to focus more on training and rock climbing. I want to explore my limits on rock as hard red points is something I haven’t done much of yet. I love to push my self and I work hard to progress as a climber and as a human. I look forward to next year’s competition season with the World Championship as the highlight.

My favorite cream is Hand cream extra pflegend. I climb lot and my skin gets wrecked. Often my skin is so sore I have trouble sleeping. But not anymore. Also, the hand balsam works wonders for cuts!