Former climbing competitor, I went to the mountains. After finishing my studies in earth science at the engineering school of meteorology, I devoted myself almost full time to the mountains. I like the variety of activities, from ice climbing to cliff climbing. Expeditions to far-off countries are what I love today.

As an athlete I am motivated and stubborn. As a person I am social and dynamic. My major passions are skiing, climbing, mountaineering and trail running. But apart from that I also enjoy meteorology and nivology (the study of snow). Up to know, my best moment in the mountains was clearly when I opened a new route on a still virgin summit in Pakistan. I did this route alone, which amplified the emotions.

I like to encourage people to experience our nature without restrictions. We live on a planet that offers an extraordinary diversity of landscapes. No matter which way you chose, hiking, climbing or even flying, the mountains around us deserve our full attention. This is also why we must take care of them, to allow as many people as possible to enjoy it in the future.


born: 1994
climbing since: 2006
works: I’m member of the French Alpinism team and do these activities at a professional level for the last 2/3 years.
grown up: France
favourite rope route: 9a Pornographie in Ceuse

Goals and Vision

In the next years, my goal will be to keep pushing my physical and technical skills. Combining a high level in everyday activities (more 9a’s in rockclimbing, hard icefalls and mixedclimbing at the highest level). In order to use these skills on the highest mountains of the world (7000-8000m). My main goal will be to open technically hard routes on virgin faces up to 8000m. In addition, I have a couple of ideas of opening routes in the Alps, mixing rock climbing and alpinism.


“My favourite cream is the Hand Cream Nr.2 Lavendel, always a drop on my fingertips after each session, efficient, easy to use and you even smell good after.”