Paul Brand


My name is Paul Brand, I’m 20 years old and I’m a professional sport climber part of the Dutch Climbing Team! I have been climbing for my whole life. For the last 10 years I have been competing in national and international competitions, and I’m still really motivated to continue climbing in competitions. I have made numerous finals and multiple podiums at the European Youth Cups Boulder! Last year was my last year in the youth and I achieved my best results ever with a 3th place and a 2nd place at the European Youth Cups Boulder back to back, resulting in a 2nd place in the overall ranking. And to add an even bigger achievement to this list, I ended up in 8th place at the World Youth Championship in Dallas (USA). This was just unbelievable for me!

I also did quite well at some international Senior comps. This year I’m now part of the senior climbing team. Looking forward to continue this journey and see how far I can go in these competitions 🙂

Climbing Goals

My big life goals are definitely about competitions. It’s really a dream of mine to make it to the finals or even stand on the podium at an European or World Cup. The ultimate dream would be to score high in the overall World Cup ranking! For now I’ll just keep on training and try to make my way up to the top.

I also enjoy rock climbing a lot, whenever I have the chance and I don’t have any competitions, then you’ll most likely find me somewhere climbing outdoors. It’s really nice to switch sceneries from time to time. Next to my professional goal as an athlete, I also have outdoor climbing goals. For example I would very much like to climb an 8b/+ boulder this year.


Year of birth: 2003
Climbing since: 2006
Studies: Mechanical Engineering (University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam)
Like: competitions, dyno’s, slabs, rock climbing, travelling, hiking, lots of training:)
Dislike:  sweaty hands, bad skin
Grew up:  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Climbs:  8b+ redpoint/ 8a+ flash
Boulders:  8a+ redpoint/ 7c+ flash

Favourite Manox Product

As a professional athlete I train really hard and a lot, which definitely means that skin care is super important to me. I use the Manox Nr.2 cream the most. This is for sure my favourite one! And I have tried many different skin care creams before in my life but nothing was as good as the Manox creams.