Andrea Rojas


My name is Andrea Rojas, and I am from Ecuador. I started climbing when I was 11 years old in a summer camp and just fell in love with it since the beginning, started to train with a climbing team when I was 13 and got to travel to my first Youth World Champ in France back in 2009, I remember getting so shocked and motivated by seeing the climbing level in Europe at that moment. After some years of good continental and youth results I finished high school and wanted to explore Europe and discover why there where this big differences of level with South America’s climbers. In 2015 I applied for studying Sport Sciences at the University of Turin, Italy and finished my degree on April 2019, since then I took some time to train as a professional climber and represent my country as best as I could competing at all disciplines at the World Cups, getting a 6th place in speed World Cup in Chamonix and being at the combined finals at the PanAmerican championship. The last couple of years I trained the combined format and I am really thankful for getting to try every type of competition climbing and grow a lot trying to be an overall athlete and person. This experiences give me hope to continue as an athlete and future coach, trying to do my best on whatever project I have with passion and love for this amazing sport and community.


Year of birth: 1995
Climbing since: 2006
Studies: Degree on Sports Science
Like: travelling, the beach, read good books and training!!
Dislike:  humidity, bad skin, slab boulders (actually, it’s a hate-love relationship)
Other sports I like:  Athletics and basketball
Grew up:  Quito, Ecuador
Climbs:  up to 8a
Boulders:  up to 7b+/V9

Favourite Manox Product

“I have had always skin problems (super soft and delicate skin) so I have been searching for good products that would help me to keep training without burning skin and I found the Manox Hand Cream Nr.2 that has amazing results right after the first time you use it! It’s magical and super effective if you have to train everyday!!”